How to make a Hermes Kelly Bag by our self?


We have created awesome do it yourself gifts to help you create fun handmade presents for friends and family on holiday season. Its a great size, large enough for everything a girl could need. The finishing touch is the natural Eco friendly leather that make it look especially gift worthy.  Keep reading to get all the instructions and make one yourself, I know you’ve got a mother, sister or friend who would just love a bag like this!

DIY handmade bag supplies:

- Pre-cut and Pre-punched Leather

-Tool accessories you need to(Needle, Scissors, Rubber finger cover, Thimble, Clip, Thread, Leather material)
Notice: The sewing method is the four steps of measuring thread-Piercing a needle-Suture-ending. Also there is the red line segment in the picture below.

Today, the sewing of the blue handbag continues. After preparing the materials and tools, we will start.

1. Sew this piece of leather separately, install the double D buckle on the two pieces of leather separately, and sew to the corresponding positions.


2.Pass the hand strap through the double D buckle, sew two magnetic buckle tapes in corresponding positions,


3.Sewthispieceofleatherseparately,Then sew these two pieces of leather separately.


4.Then stitch these leathers together in corresponding positions.


5.Turn the whole bag over after sewing.


That's it for today. Are you ready to accept more creative handmade gift and creative projects? ? Please follow our website! It contains additional information and photos on how to create handmade gift items. I wish you all have fun too!


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