Let us use different types of earrings to change your impression


Accessory earrings, decorate your ears gorgeously, and greatly change the impression around you. When the variety is abundant, I often hear people hesitate to choose. This time I will introduce the type of perforation, the characteristics of each type, the impression that it makes, and the recommended products. After understanding the characteristics of different types of earrings, you will be able to find more suitable piercings for you.

1. "Earrings", easy to decorate ears

Earrings are a type of piercing. The piercing post (the shaft part that passes through the ear) is straight and can be fixed to a fastener behind the ear. Because it is a type that is in close contact with the ears, it is characterized by that then easily enters the center of the contour around the eyes.

Medium hair and long hair can create gorgeous styles by arrangement, so when you wear small earrings, the balance will be better. Unlike others, it will not change the impression of facial contours, so it can be said to be the simplest and most balanced earrings.


2, Simple but eye-catching existence is attractive "hoop earrings"

Hoop earrings are a type of piercing, for example, a circle through the earlobe. Although there are differences in design, such as the difference in the size and thickness of the circle, the "circle" is also a familiar shape, because the appearance is simple, it is easy to wear it.

In addition, depending on the size and thickness of the hoop, different atmospheres can be created. The diameter of the circle is large, it is recommended to match a simple coordination. The small diameter of the circle will give people a feeling of elegance and calmness. In addition, thicker hoop earrings give a sense of presence and firmness, while thinner earrings give a gorgeous and subtle impression.

If you are looking for a simple, solid earring. This is a part of our earrings. It is made of metal + leather. It is safe, does not fade, is reliable, does not easily irritate your skin, is lightweight, and does not bring too much burden to your ears, adding more Vitality.

3. "Chain earrings" to increase the movement around you
Chain earrings are a type of piercing that does not use fasteners, so that the chain hangs in the hole. Chain earrings are basically divided into a chain-only type and a patterned type. By changing the length of the chain, you can change the position of the subject, you can change the impression, and enjoy it.

Because it is a vertically extending design, it also has an effect, making the face look neat and small. If you are worried about the width of the face, it is recommended to avoid wearing chain earrings when extended or rounded on the side.

This chain earring, moon leather pattern, is made of metal one after another. It is a simple design. Adding the usual shape will become gorgeous in the coordinates, and the chain creates a subtle and gentle atmosphere.

4. "Barb" swings softly, like a woman
Hook earrings are a type of piercing. You can place the hook post in the pierced hole and gently shake the ear. Create a feminine atmosphere, some can even be used in the office, there are fancy things with large patterns, which change greatly. The metal matches the purple color scheme perfectly, even in the hot season. The purple leather material and cut are beautiful, it makes the area around the face look bright. The wearing comfort is very light, the hook is drawn with a long arc, and the swing in the vertical line is also an attractive point.


5, Enjoy and bring out your personality
Because it is an accessory around the face, it is easy to attract attention and is the perfect choice to attract your charm and beauty. It can be said that it is also a reassuring ally of women. Although it is small, it shines with a strong light!


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