Q1 : If I haven't done any sewn before, could I put it together ?
A2: That's ok, we have made completed tutorials for all products, which could teach you how to sew step by step, until you finish it.

Q2 : How long can I finish this project ?
A1: Usually it depends on the difficult rating of diy kits, if you purchase a keychain or wallet kits, assembly takes 1-2 hours, but Crossbodybag or Shoulder bag takes 5-10 hours.

Q3 : Is it worth sewing a diy leather bag kits ?
A3 : Sure, it is meaningful for you to do that making gifts for your best fiends or lover by yourself, instead of buying one. That's the concept we want to promote to everyone.

Q3 : Where are you ship from ?
A3 : We have two base in China and UK. Where are we ship from are depend on your location and the stock of items.

Q4 : How much you will pay for the shipping Service ?
A4 : Standard Shipping Service is free for all products, whatever how many products you purchase. If you want to receive items as soon as possible, also you could pay extra 5$ for Expedited Shipping Service.

*Cautions:We will update the shipping cost according to the delivery channel every once in a while.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact with us :-)

Whatsapp : +86 18024017065
Instagram ID : sewing_fish_tang (https://www.instagram.com/Sewing_Fish_Tang/)
E-mail : sewingfish2020@gmail.com

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